January 31-February 4, 2016 San Diego Convention Center   |    San Diego, CA

New Product Showcase

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Advanced Systems Co.


Portable Misting Fan Trailer
Our custom mobile misting trailers are 100% self contained. These mist trailers are ideal for large incidents, fire rehab areas or any outdoor event.

Please see us at Booth #821


Bullard T4NThe Bullard T4N offers the latest in thermal imaging advancements while meeting the requirements of NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service, 2013 Edition. The T4N, rated Class I, Division 2, for use in hazardous locations, offers two operational modes (BASIC and BASIC PLUS) for full feature performance. Learn more at www.bullard.com.

Please see us at Booth #1050

Crew Boss

CrewBoss InterfaceThe CrewBoss Interface ensemble has become a staple for firefighters in the urban interface landscape. While the standard CrewBoss Interface Jacket and Pant were designed to provide increased functionality and thermal protection on the fire line, departments across the US have been customizing these garments to meet unique specifications.

Please see us at Booth #1443

Hex Armor Extriction


HexArmor® presents EXT Rescue™, the only series of extrication gloves designed entirely by first responders. Comfort and dexterity are combined with the highest level of impact protection, and 20 times more cut resistance than leather.

Please see us at Booth #953


Composite handled Pry Bars perform like steel bars. Available in lengths - 30" to 50", single & double end. Lighter than comparable steel pry bars, Nuplaglas(r) handled Pry Bars are insulated from heat, cold & electrical shock and strong enough to carry the– Nupla Lifetime Warranty."

Please see us at Booth #1236

Res-Q-Jack Logo

RESQ JackďRes-Q-Jack is pleased to feature the SUPER X, our newest addition to the X-Strut series. With threaded collars in place of our standard pins, the Super X is even more quick and intuitive. And itís not just simple and effective for vehicle stabilization, itís also rugged enough for collapse and trench rescue. Come ask us about it at our booth.Ē

Please see us at Booth #813

Tablet Command


"Tablet Command is the premier fire management application built by firefighters for firefighters. With Tablet Command, the incident commander can tap and drag fire apparatus onto an emergency scene, map progress against critical checklists, and time-stamp every maneuver and benchmark throughout the incident."

Please see us at Booth #2146

Binder E-Z Lift

EZ-liftThe Binder E-Z Lift is a compact, non-mechanical, lightweight, expedient, affordable lifting harness designed for lift assistance of ambulatory patients with non-traumatic injuries. Its simple design allows for team member lifting by incorporating 7-9 pairs of handles. The Binder E-Z Lift IS "The Safer Way to Lift BECAUSE Humans Don't Come With HANDLES!"

Please see us at Booth #2155


CLPCommunity LifePort Systems iPad RCU is the first of its kind rugged case designed specifically for Firefighters.  Complete systems including vehicle charging docks, and bulk storage, security units are available to maintain fully charged iPads, ready for use.  Stop by Booth #1350 to demo our Disaster Response Apps.

Please see us at Booth #1350

EES Logo

EES LogoThe all-new NFPA-certified FirePro 1971TM structural firefighting goggle from ESS is lighter, better-fitting, and wonít interfere with your helmet, no matter what type you wear. Based on the #1-selling military goggle, the ESS Profile NVGTM, the FirePro is the next step forward in firefighting eye protection from the industry leader, ESS.

Please see us at Booth #1148


Kestrel weatherProtect firefighters and HazMat professionals with the all-new Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Tracker. Kestrel Heat Stress & Environmental Meters are designed and manufactured by NK in the USA.  Measure WBGT, and monitor and log environmental conditions. Built-in digital compass. Bluetooth® wireless data transfer. Accurate. Rugged. Waterproof. Five-year warranty.

Please see us at Booth #2038


Man Down Locator

The ATLAS PT Tracker provides critical real-time position/location and emergency alert for first responders and firefighters operating anywhere, anytime, in any environment. Today U.S. ARMY training centers track personnel using wireless alert systems provided by SAIC and Raveon.

Please see us at Booth #2046

Contact sales@raveon.com

Speed Swivel

Speed Swivel

SpeedSwivel "FDC" Adapters
The portable solution for stolen and vandalized Fire Department connections. NEW! Adapters are now available for stolen wall & post mounted Siamese fdc's.  On-line Demonstration at: www.SpeedSwivel.com by Cornelius Enterprises, LLC.

Please see us at Booth #1251



ZuumCraft's EMS model:  All electric, rugged design. Costs 1/3 to 1/2 of competing products. Years of low cost operation. Very stable. Greater rider safety.  Patented ISD™ (Integrated Steering Dynamics™) suspension technology. 1000 MPGe. 20 mph top speed. Customizable. www.ZuumCraft.com/patrol

Please see us at Booth #1654